Request For Support

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Criteria for requesting help from JwJ:

• Local or National campaign which requires community-wide leverage for success
• Organization has a clear strategy and is expending the resources necessary for achieving victory
• How the action fits into JwJ priorities
• Our JwJ organization’s activity can make a significant difference to the campaign
• Involvement will help build Jobs with Justice (i.e. new “I’ll Be There” pledgers, recruit member organizations, financial support)
• The campaign provides an opportunity to do broad public education and to build community-labor alliances

Organize/mobilize a rally
Only mobilize for a rally
Organize/mobilize for Workers Rights Board
Organize/mobilize a forum/event
Only mobilize for a forum/event
Recruit speakers for forum/event
Organize visit with employer
Mobilize for picket line
Get petition signed
Letter/postcard campaign
Outreach to community faith labor organizations
Online “list serve E-Alert”
Co-sponsor or endorse an event