Novato City Council Passes Minimum Wage Ordinance, 8/27/19

Santa Rosa City Council Passes Minimum Wage Ordinance10/1/19

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NBC Nightly News broadcast on September 24, 2021:
Climate Challenge: Latinos disproportionately impacted by wildfires




Public Hearing (virtual): Workers' Rights Board Hearing for Workers at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Held on Saturday, September 26, 2020


Public Forum: "What is a Just, Equitable and Sustainable Recovery?"
Alliance for a Just Recovery
Christ Church United Methodist, Santa Rosa, CA
Held on July 19, 2018




Workshop with Stephanie Luce
Murphy Labor Institute, City University of New York
Held on November 9, 2013 in Santa Rosa, California


Public Forum: Raise the Wage Floor Across the Bay Area
The Santa Clara living wage and San Francisco minimum wage campaigns in 2014.
Held on March 7, 2015 in Santa Rosa, California.



[AUDIO] July 23, 2021 -  Local coalition calls for safety and respect for Sonoma County farmworkers
KRCB/Northern California Public Media
By Tessa Paoli 
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[AUDIO] July 8, 2021 -  Petitioning for farmworker rights in Sonoma County
KRCB/Northern California Public Media
Tessa Paoli interviews NBJwJ Executive Director, Max Bell Alper
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[AUDIO] October 1, 2020 -  Stories from the Glass Fire:
How the evacuations are impacting seniors, ag workers and day laborers

KPFA, includes interviews with NBJwJ's Lead Organizer Omar Paz and Graton Day Labor Center's Executive Director Christy Lubin
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[AUDIO] June 26, 2020 - Interview: Mara Ventura on Paid Sick Leave Ordinances
KBBF Bi-lingual Radio
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[AUDIO] April 3, 2020 - Interview: Mara Ventura on Formation of SoCo United in Crisis
KSRO, with Michelle Marques
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[AUDIO] June 30, 2017 - "Union Celebrates Organizing Victory and Looks Ahead"
KRCB, North Bay Report, By Steve Mencher
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[Audio] Dec. 8, 2015 - "Supervisors Back Revised Living Wage Law"
KRCB North Bay Report, By Bruce Robinson
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June 20, 2014 - "Seattle, the Fight for $15, and Minimum Wage and Living Wage campaigns in the Bay Area"
KPFA 94.1 FM - with Peter Phillips, Project Censored, and Marty Bennett, North Bay Jobs with Justice co-chair
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June 12, 2014 - "When Mandates Work: Raising Labor Standards at the Local Level" with Ken Jacobs, Chair, UC Berkeley Labor Center
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September 9, 2012 - "Sonoma Living Wage Ordinance Proposed"
KRCB North Bay Report with Bruce Robinson
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