Immigrant Rights/Derechos para Inmigrantes 

  1. Workplace Raid Defense Trainings for Employees (DE COLXRES program)
  2. Workplace Raid Defense Trainings for Employers
  3. POWER Campaign  

1. Workplace Raid Defense Trainings for Employees/Conozca las capacitaciones de sus derechos para los trabajadores

Now known as our DECOLXRES ("De Colores") program

In May of 2017, North Bay Jobs with Justice, in partnership with the North Bay Labor Council, launched our Workplace Raid Defense trainings for employees to ensure workers knew their rights in the workplace with regards to their employers and when encountering ICE. This workshop includes a presentation on your rights, videos, and activities brought to you by trained and impacted community leaders.

Please email Omar Paz at [email protected] to get more information about how you can get a FREE training for you and your friends, family or co-workers. 


En mayo de 2017, North Bay Jobs with Justice, en asociación con el North Bay Labor Council, lanzó nuestras capacitaciones de Workplace Raid Defense para empleados para garantizar que los trabajadores conocieran sus derechos en el lugar de trabajo con respecto a sus empleadores y al encontrar ICE. Este taller incluye una presentación sobre sus derechos, videos y actividades presentadas por líderes comunitarios capacitados e impactados.

Envíe un correo electrónico a Maria Garcia [email protected] para obtener más información sobre cómo puede obtener una capacitación GRATUITA para usted y sus amigos, familiares o compañeros de trabajo.


2. Workplace Raid Defense Trainings for Employers

In September of 2017, as Governor Jerry Brown signed AB450 the Immigrant Worker's Protection Act and SB54 the CA Value Act into law, North Bay Jobs with Justice collaborated with a team of various employer, labor and immigration lawyers around the State to create a Workplace Defense Training for Employers. This 1-hour workshop delves deep into the new laws, specifically AB450, and how to ensure compliancy. We will also share legal language you can implement in workplace policy, and share best practices for keeping your workplace organized and prepared for any interactions with ICE.

Please email Mara Ventura at [email protected] for more information about how you and your staff can receive a free training. 


3. POWER: Protect Our Workers from Exploitation & Retaliation

Current Status:

Congresswoman Chu and Senator Menedez reintroduced the POWER Act in November. The bill would give workers who have suffered abuse on the job access to protections including U-visas. Workers like the ones in Mississippi who suffered abuse before being detained by ICE would be able to get a reprieve to pursue justice on their labor claims. JWJ has long supported this policy as a way to stop bad employers from abusing immigrant workers and driving down wages and standards for everyone. Because the POWER Act is unlikely to pass in the current political  environment, the goal of our advocacy efforts over the next year is to push elected officials and allied advocates to see the POWER Act as a fundamental issue to forking people and include it in both their plans for labor law reform and immigration reform plans for 2021. 

Thank you to local JWJ leaders who helped get co-sponsors for the bill and we will be looking for more help to advocate for this bill in the new year.

 Watch our action against Wells Fargo, May 1st of 2019 for their funding of ICE Detention Centers and human rights violations


Background of POWER: 

As a part of a national campaign, North Bay Jobs with Justice engages in the POWER campaign. The POWER Campaign seeks to eliminate the threat of ICE in worker organizing efforts. It also aims to expand protections for worker leaders who stand up to unscrupulous employers. The POWER Campaign builds off of existing protections in order to create the conditions for new broader protection. See how by downloading the POWER Campaign fact sheet.

Too often, when workers attempt to organize to combat exploitation, employers use immigration enforcement as a weapon to squash organizing efforts and trump labor law. Immigrant workers who are under the constant threat of deportation are forced to accept diminished working conditions. This, in turn, undermines wages and working conditions for all workers. We all stand to lose when immigrant workers are exploited, as wages and conditions are dragged down across the board.

For us in California, part of our POWER work was helping to pass SB54 the CA Values Act, which eliminated the authority of local police officers to act as Immigration Agents or aid them in their work, as well as limited the power of the Sherrif's office and use of jails for immigration holds, and improved the rights of detainees in detention centers. There is still much work to be done, but we are proud of the steps we took to continue to have the most progressive immigrant protection laws in the country. 

We also helped pass AB450 the Immigrant Worker Protection Act, which put union contract language into law that strengthened protections for workers in their workplace. Read more below to find out how you can ensure your place of business is up to code and your employees are safe and prepared for any interaction with ICE officials.